Commitment Ogiya


Commitment Ogiya

Please enjoy the original flavor of meat


Greeting owner greeting

Always thank you very much for your patronage of Kobe Tajima beef specialty Yakiniku Dansei.

In Kobe, he operated a butcher shop from 1954 and has been pursuing as a Tajima beef specialty store as the third generation meat craftworker who only handles only Tajima beef and Kobe bee after the Great Hanshin Earthquake.

Sadly the inside of Kobe is overflowing with “Kobe Beef”, but it flooded from pin to Kiri.
There are famous shops in the meat industry where only one site is purchased and others are purchasing Kuroge Wagyu beef.
Why … why do you raise the sign of Kobe beef …
Of course, not only high-class ingredients. I wonder why it is a high-class food material … it is the deliciousness and sweetness of the beef that we can sort out the delicate tongue of Japanese people.
It is because the Pedigree of Tajima is still outstanding among Kuroge Wagyu.
It can be said that it is the most severe in Japan among the provisions of Kuroge Wagyu be certified as a Tajima cow.

Furthermore it will become more difficult for you to be certified as a Kobe beef from Tajima beef.


Among Kobe beef, Kobe beef female cattle are only shipped from fattening farmers who are committed because they are difficult to keep.
Among them, while extending the breeding period for as long as 1 day, I defeated the rare Kobe beef cattle that was kept under the 470 kg regulation and managed the highest class of Tajima beef Kobe beef Kobe Market I bid as a meat maker’s eye candy I will.
Recently it is not uncommon to buy one. Because I buy one rank or one brand only, I am not a delicious meat shop, it is a maniac though I think it is a maniac though I think of the fleshy quality in Seri himself and it is a maniac (lol) I think that it is the real pleasure of buying a delicious Tajima bee Kobe beef I will.

What kind of yakiniku restaurant are you all imaged?
I would like to eat meat that everyone feels that fine meat should be tasted simple.


Of course, depending on the taste habit of the cow’s individual, the flavor of the site, and the sense of ripening at the time of eating, soy sauce-based sauce may make meat flavor.

I did not eat meat with condiments, I thought that simply enjoying a straight meat taste without purely fleshing meat was a unique meat of Japanese meat, I thought that it was a unique meat of Japanese fried noodle shop, and I got the goodwill from the meat shop.

As a meat craftsman, we are waiting at “Tajima beef Yakiniku Fan arrow”.




What is Kobe beef?



(1) Definition of “Hyogo prefecture (Tajima cattle)”

> Kobe beef · Kobe meat distribution promotion council

1.Must be Japanese black Japanese with the Pedigree of Tajima beef which made the place of Hyogo prefecture birth.
2.Must be fattened by the designated production farmer registered at the Kobe Meat Distribution Promotion Council.
3.Must be slaughtered as slaughtered in designated meat center in Hyogo prefecture.
4.It must be a cow whose age is over 28 months to 60 months old
5.The yield / meat quality grade is rated “A” or “B” grade 2 or higher according to the rating by the Japan Food Association.




(2) Definition of Kobe beef

1. Breeding of calves
A calf of Tajima cattle bloodline born under a breeding farmer (designated producer) in Hyogo prefecture is registered in the cattle ‘s family register first and an ear mark of 10 digits “individual identification number” is attached.
The breeding farmer is responsible for breeding farmers to know what kind of calves they will be brought to birth, to identify better seeds and to keep the calves healthy until about 9 months of age.

2. Fattening
Farming farmers (designated producers) buy the calf that was put on the calf livestock market, raising with a love affair and trouble with a healthy environment without stress.
The calves are given selective feeds such as rice straw, corn, wheat and wheat and clear water, and it approaches the ideal meat quality over the minimum age of 28 months or more, about 32 months on average.

3. Shipment
In the meat center in Hyogo prefecture and slaughter. A variety of inspections are conducted, and passed cattle are traded as “Tajima beef from Hyogo prefecture” in the carcass market.

4. Rating
Among those Tajima cows, in particular, they are heifers and castrated cattle, and only those with carcass ratings falling under the following matters are called “Kobe Beef”.
● “BMS” representing the degree of marbling is No. 6 or more
● The ratio of edible parts (yield grade) is A · B grade
● carcass weight is 470 kg or less
● The fineness of the meat quality is excellent



(3) Risk of long fattening period in female cattle

Tajima’s female cattle are small and hard to be accredited as Kobe beef without original sashi.
If it grows long after eating 22 months, the body may become big but the marbling fade disappears and Kobe beef certification is not done. BMS figures are not understood unless slaughtered.
In the case where a fattening farmer is bullied off as a Tajima cow and when it is bought out as a Kobe beef, the name value also overlaps and the income is greatly different.
Sometimes my heart stops before Seri as I grow fat to make my body bigger. In that case, you should not drop the staple in the absolute market.
Growing female cattle if you are a fattening farmer · To lengthen the fattening period is a high risk because livelihood is applied.
Nonetheless, a few fattening farmers are seeking deliciousness etc. and shipping it.



(4) Kobe Market
> Kobe city central wholesale market western market / beef carcass market situation
Serving various cows from Wagyu to Holstein every day on weekdays. There is a row of Tajima beef (Kobe beef) to be held only on Monday.

> Kobe city central wholesale market west market / expected future number of Seri (cattle)
Must be slaughtered by slaughter at the designated meat center in Hyogo prefecture as defined by Hyogo prefecture (Tajima beef).
By the Kobe market is the best price, when the fattening farmer himself is the finish of a good cow probably will ship in the Kobe market probably.
Kobe beef top prize, etc. It is a formal Kobe central wholesale market western market which is held car caring competition.

The good kitchen of Tajima beef (Kobe beef) is the western market of Kobe central wholesale market.

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